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Q- What do I wear to class?


A- For both Belly Dance and Zumba class, wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. For example, yoga pants and a tank or tee. Bonus points for sparkle! For footwear, make sure you wear an athletic sneaker for Zumba. For Belly Dance, bare feet or socks are fine.

Q- Do I have to be a certain shape or size for Belly Dance or Zumba? 

A-No, Dance is for everyone, regardless of age, shape, or size. My Belly Dance classes are geared toward people 12 and up.

Q- I don't know how to dance. Can I still take Zumba or Belly Dance?


A- Yes! Beginning Belly Dance is an ongoing class for people new to belly dance and for dancers who would like to perfect their skills.   I break down the basic moves and give you options depending on the level of challenge you prefer. You can take Beginning Belly Dance as many times as you would like. When you feel comfortable with the isolations and movements of BeginningBelly Dance, you can move on to Intermediate Belly Dance.

Zumba class is a dance party, you are not required to know all of the moves.  The only requirement is to have a great time. You will pick up more as you continue to take Zumba.

Q-What is the difference between Beginning Belly Dance and Intermediate Belly Dance?


A-In Beginning Belly Dance you will learn the secrets to isolating different parts of your body to create both the articulated and flowy

movements of the art form. This class is great for both beginners and experienced dancers who want to polish their skills. 

In Intermediate Belly Dance, a basic (but not perfect!) knowledge of core moves is recommended. You will build upon these basic moves as well as learn more challenging isolations. We also practice with zills (finger cymbals).

In both Beginning and Intermediate class, you will learn a usable combination of movements to use in dance!



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