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Belly Dance and Zumba classes

With Portland Oregon Belly Dancing instructor Eva

Have fun, get in shape, and strengthen your core with Belly Dance Class by Eva. 

Come join the fun and learn to dance in a positive,

supportive environment.

Get a cardio workout with Zumba by Eva, an all levels dance party workout to world rhythms. Dance is for everyone!

Eva is happy to share the joy of dance and fitness with her students. She has enjoyed over 20 years of dance experience performing and teaching belly dance in Portland, Oregon.

Eva is also an ACE  and AFAA certified group fitness instructor and

a licensed Zumba instructor.



 Fall 2023 Belly Dance Schedule

*click on link for info and registration details*

Tualatin Hills Parks and Rec

Mon 6:30-7:30 pm

Nov 20 -Dec 18 Beginning

Questions? See my FAQ page.

Winter 2024 Belly Dance Schedule
*click on links for info and
registration details*

Lake Oswego Parks and Rec
Wed 6-7 pm
Jan 10-Feb 14 
Feb 21-Mar 27Intermediate

Wed 7-8 pm
Jan 10-Feb 14 
Feb 21-Mar 27  Beginning

Tualatin Hills Parks and Rec
Mon 6:30-7:30 pm 
Jan 8-Mar 11 
Class #GH31302 at Garden Home
Recreation Center
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